Savio Livingponds Waterfall Filter with 22" Spillway - F100
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Savio Livingponds Waterfall Filter with 22" Spillway - Model F100

Livingponds Waterfall Filter gives professional results instantly. Creates a dynamic waterfall with a 22” weir.

Can filter up to 5,000 gallon water feature or 2,000 gal koi pond
recommended pump flow 500 - 5,000 gph (min-max)

Modular Design

Savio Livingponds Filters harness the natural dynamics of moving water. Adding Filtration is as simple as connecting filters together.

Connect two Waterfall Filters to get Filtration up to 10,000 gallons and 10,000 gph.

Round is Better

30% of a square box filter is simply unused corner space, the other 70% is active at startup. Within 8-10 weeks the media begins to clog and filter efficiency drops
to just 20-30%!

By contrast Livingponds Filters run at nearly 97% efficiency at startup and maintain 85-90% efficiency at 8-10 weeks using Savio Springflo media.


Waterfall Opening Size:  22"
Filtration:  Mechanical / Biological
Maximum Pond Volume:  5,000 Gallons
Pump Flow Range:  5,000 GPH
Inlet:  1 1/2" FPT
Drain Outlet:  1 1/2" FPT
Dimensions:  23 2/5" x 22" x 30 1/2"
Warranty:  5 Years


Product Downloads:

Savio LivingPonds Waterfall Filter Operation Manual and Installation Guide

Savio Construction Guide

Savio Bottom Drain Kit for LivingPonds Waterfall Filter


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  • Item #: SF100
  • Manufacturer: Savio Engineering, Inc.
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: F100

Savio Livingponds Waterfall Filter with 22" Spillway - F100

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