Microbe-Lift Bio-Blue Pond Colorant with Enzymes - 55 Gallons
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Microbe-Lift Bio Blue Pond Colorant with Enzymes - 55 Gallon Drum

Treats Up To 3,520,000 Gallons

Minimize light penetration and excess nutrients for beautiful water features. Dual-action colorant and enzyme formulation enhances pond aesthetics, blocks out specific light rays and aids in the breakdown of organic waste for a healthy aquatic environment. Once diluted, this non-staining colorant turns water an appealing color and will not stain birds, fish or most concrete fountains or pond rocks. Bio-Blue is specially formulated to safely color lakes, decorative ponds, fountains, and water features a gorgeous shade of blue.

  • Microbe-Life Bio Blue Pond Colorant Blocks Out Harsh Light Rays
  • Non-Staining Colorant Turns Pond Water an Appealing Shade of Blue
  • Special enzymatic formulation also digests organic waste
  • Will not stain birds, fish, pond rocks or most concrete fountains once diluted
  • Safe for humans, plants and aquatic life
  • Mixes completely in hours

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Microbe-Lift Bio-Blue MSDS

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  • Item #: ELBB55
  • Manufacturer: Ecological Labs
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: MLBB55

Microbe-Lift Bio-Blue Pond Colorant with Enzymes - 55 Gallons

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