Flexible Black PVC Pipe 2" x 25'
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Flexible Black PVC 2" x 25' Roll

Savio Aqua Flex PVC™ Pipe simplifies plumbing by eliminating the need for elbows and joints. Both durable and pressure-resistant, it has built-in, rigid reinforcements rings that ensure Aqua Flex PVC™ Pipe will not compress or kink; smooth bore will not impede flow. It’s easy to work with, and more rugged and freeze-tolerant than rigid PVC. Increases productivity, and shortens installation times. Glues to standard schedule 40 plumbing fittings, using standard primerless PVC glue.

Color:  Black


  • Item #: SMPC2025
  • Manufacturer: Savio Engineering, Inc.
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: SMPC2025

Flexible Black PVC Pipe 2" x 25'

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