Firestone Quick Roller
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Firestone Quick Roller

QuickRoller consists of a 106.68 cm (42.0”) steel handle attached to a rubber sleeved steel roller. The QuickRoller is designed to mate Firestone’s QuickSeam Products with approved Firestone membranes.

After the QuickSeam products have been applied to the membrane roll in accordance with Firestone Specialty Products specifications and details.

Replacing The QuickRoller Sleeve:

The sleeve should be replaced when the QuickRoller sleeve becomes worn or rolls unevenly.

Remove the old sleeve by cutting it off. Remove old adhesive from the roller surface. Install the new sleeve by stretching and pulling it over the open end of the roller until it is approximately centered on the roller.

Fold back one third to one half of the sleeve onto itself.

Check to make sure that the opposite end of the sleeve extends about equal from the edge of the roller as it may have moved when rolling back the sleeve.

Brush on a thin coat of Bonding or Splice Adhesive to the exposed roller area and to the folded sleeve area, being careful no to puddle or glob the adhesive.

Allow the adhesive to dry and test by the push-test method. When the adhesive is ready, unfold the turned-down sleeve onto the exposed roller.

The adhesive over this area should keep the roller sleeve in place. If for some reason the sleeve begins to walk off the roller, repeat the same adhesive procedure on the other half of the sleeve.

Overall Length:  49"
Overall Width:  4 7/8"
Roller Width:  3 3/8"
Roller Diameter:  4 1/4"

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  • Item #: FPQR
  • Manufacturer: Firestone
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: W56-358-2026

Firestone Quick Roller

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