FISH MATE Bio Pond Filter 1000 GBIO 1000 gal
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FISH MATE Bio Pond Filter 1000 GBIO 1000 gal

While this Fish Mate pond filtration system is low-profile and small on size, it is big on performance. Utilizing both biological and mechanical filtration, this pond filter uses three stages of filtration for optimal water quality and healthier fish. In the first stage of filtration, the water enters a chamber with a coarse filter brush that strains out debris, settling it into the chamber for easy removal. The second stage incorporates a specially developed, profiled filter sponge that traps most remaining particles. The final stage contains a SUPRA bio filter for the removal of ammonia. The filter is easy to maintain and is designed to blend in with natural surroundings.


  • Powerful 3-stage filtration process enhances water quality and health of fish and plants
  • Large, easy-to-open top makes maintenance a snap
  • Green-colored to blend with natural surroundings
  • SUPRA bio filter provides optimum ammonia and nitrite control
  • Maximum flowrate: 500 GPH
  • Pond size:
    • Full shade, water plants, few fish: 1000 gallons 
    • Partial shade, water plants, few fish: 600 gallons 
    • Full sun with heavy fish load: 300 gallons
  • Inlet diameter: 0.75"/1"
  • Outlet diameter: 1.25"
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 15" x 10" x 5"

  • Item #: FM228
  • Manufacturer: Fish Mate

FISH MATE Bio Pond Filter 1000 GBIO 1000 gal

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