Automatic Dosing System for Ponds by Aquascape
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Aquascape Automatic Dosing System for Ponds

Eliminate the guesswork and routine of adding water treatments to your pond, fountain, or water feature.

In order for water treatments to work correctly, or to maintain optimum water quality, water treatments should be added consistently and on a regular basis. 

The Aquascape Automatic Dosing System accurately and consistently applies your choice of water treatment.

  • Helps maintain optimum water quality
  • Easy to use and fully programmable
  • Dependable and quiet operation
  • Can be used on almost any pond, fountain, or water feature
  • Doses Twice a day


Aquascape's New automatic water treatment dosing system makes adding beneficial bacteria and other water treatments to your koi pond happen automatically. 

Simply insert the water treatment of your choice into the unit and select your size pond. 

The dosing system will then pump the treatment into the water at regular intervals to keep your pond clean. 

This system is very easy to operate and sets up in minutes. 

It includes your first pouch (Maintain) of water free with purchase. 

Sets up in just minutes, dig a small hole near your pond or just set near your water feature. 

There are four different water treatment refill pouches to choose from. The dosing system comes with one free pouch of Maintain #1 water treatment to get you started.

Only uses one watt of power. 

A power connector and transformer is included. 

This can also be connected to your existing Aquascape two pin connection LED light system if you have upgraded your lights to that style of connection. 

It's a small container that sits near your water feature and automatically pumps in the water treatment of your choice. 

This will ensure optimal levels of the selected water treatment are maintained in your Koi pond.

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Automatic Dosing System Instructions


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Automatic Dosing System for Ponds by Aquascape

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